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    Cant post the article without giving my e-mail info. So here's a cut & paste.

    UPDATE | October 4th, 2017

    Lake Forest Sportscars is proud of our tenure as Chicago's leading Aston Martin dealer for the the past 36 years. We have a very dear place in our hearts and minds for Her Majesty's most iconic sports car company. With the sale of the Aston Martin and Lotus franchises to Glenview Luxury Imports, LLC part of the Hawk Auto Group. Aston Martin and Lotus clients in and around the North Shore will have a high quality, proven operator to count on for any sales and service needs.

    Moving forward, this will allow us to continue our growth as the preeminent Ferrari retailer in the Midwest. We would like to thank all our Aston Martin and Lotus clients who helped make the past 36 years so interesting, and wish the best to you and the new team in Glenview.


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    That information was mentioned in the previous thread and had been known for a while. I'm more interested in the second part of the e-mail, looking forward to seeing the showroom transformation.

    Ferrari has always been the heart and soul of LFSC. Since 1982 we have stayed true to our Italian heritage and bled Ferrari red. It is because of that deep seeded passion that we are eager to continue forward with focus and vigor in our partnership with the GREATEST automotive brand on earth: Ferrari.

    The future is bright, but we do not want to lose track of the present. With that said, in a few months we will begin an ambitious project to completely renovate the showroom side of our operation. Creating bold new spaces, that utilize the most up-to-date technologies to provide customers with a unique brand experience.

    The project includes two Ferrari showrooms, a Classiche area, Ferrari Lounge, Ferrari Boutique, and a full Atelier room that mimics the one in Maranello. A stunning new space which will be used to showcase and create bespoke vehicles for our valued clients.

    We truly appreciate all the support and loyalty we receive from our clients. And when you combine all of our ongoing efforts with what Ferrari has in store for customers with its vast array of upcoming model launches you can understand why we feel that The Future is Now!
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    Interesting. I thought they did well with Aston Martin.

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