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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by Minte, Apr 19, 2009.

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    I was late getting there today,and the weather was at best *iffy*. They have set up direction signs in the downtown area to make finding the place easy. As soon as I turned the corner to the location I was pleasantly surprised to see the large group of people and cars parked up and down the street. There is a large municipal parking lot directly across from This place could easily handle over 100 cars with no problem. They had some cookies and donuts set up at the shop and directly next door is an excellent coffee shop. I had a Latte and it was good.

    What I really enjoyed was the variety of cars. There were some Ferrari's,a lot of Porsche's some classic customs and a couple of dragsters. I had my Lambo today so the Italians were all in attendance. Next time I will remember my camera and take some pictures.

    There are several restaurants in the downtown area for breakfast and a few more out on the edges of town. I didn't try any but I have heard they are all decent.

    If you haven't been to LakeMills,it's definitely worth the drive. Centrally located between Madison and Milwaukee there are a lot of fast country routes to get there . LakeMills,is also on 1-94(exit 259) so getting back home can be easy. Madison is about 25 minutes and Milwaukee about 45 minutes.

    Summary, This location and event is worth the drive! Every other Sunday all summer. Click here for dates and details.
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