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  1. a8guy

    a8guy Formula Junior

    Nov 2, 2003
    someone posted a link awhile back of a professional photographer with EVO or Top Gear who was selling his high qaulity prints from some of his magazine shoots.

    Anyone know of this fella or someone similar

    i am looking for high quality - large(2' x 3') shots of exotics for my office

    any help would be much appreciated

  2. borsari

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    Jan 8, 2004
  3. a8guy

    a8guy Formula Junior

    Nov 2, 2003
    hmmm pretty interesting piece of art.

    In any case- I have been searching for this or a similar site on and off for months- have asked the question twice on a ferrarichat and no answers-
    Maybe I should just spend a couple grand on a camera and make my own
    hmm - i would still need the expensive cars-

    anyways - to reiterate- this photographer worked for the british car mag EVO
    I'm sure most of you have seen the level of photography in the briitsh car mags-

    essentially he was just selling lkarger reprints of what was appearing in the magazine

    I have done every google search imagineable and still nothing

    anyways - most of you guys have been crafty enough to own your dream car- maybe you could put some of those smarts towards helping me with this

    no more ass kissing

    If I figure out where this site is - I will pass it along


  4. Brigitte

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    Jan 16, 2004
    Redondo Beach, CA
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  5. lee168

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    Dec 19, 2003
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    You can try Photodesign located on 1901 E. Carnegie, Suite 1-G, Santa Ana, CA 92075. The phone number is 949-261-2550. I can't remember the name of the photographer but I do know that they have professional shots of, at least ,a Ferrari F40 from various angles (they may also have additional car marques/models as well). The reproduction prints can be anywhere from 8"x10" to 48" x 96" . Additionally, they also offer various mount/finish options.

    Hope this helps.

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