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Discussion in '612/599' started by Cavallini, May 14, 2004.

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    Nov 2, 2003
    I quote, almost verbatim, only one sentence: "I would expect this level of performance from a 911 GT3 or 360 CS on mountain roads, not a 2+2 GT that's only millimeters shorter than an S-class."

    Both reviewers were overwhelmed by the 612's all-around excellence. Predictably, they were less than convinced about the shape, but they did not utterly dismiss it the way many have here at F-chat. Interesting......

    They also reviewed the DB9 and gave it a predictably glowing, criticism free review. One even called it "the most complete car in the world." We must indulge their patriotism. Chest-thumping feels good. It has been some time. ;)

    As I've stated before, I see the DB9, and it's child-intended back seats, as more a 360, 911 Turbo, Gallardo niche creator. It's much slower than all these cars, but the combination of stunning looks, luxury and outstanding, all-around ability will definitely make it a success. As will similar qualities in the Bentley GT.

    The keys to the 612 are the very usable, from almost every report, backseats, and the stunning performance. Wouldn't it be interesting to see the track times for the 612 compared to everything else, short of a Zonda, an Enzo and a Carrera GT.

    The looks will grow on us, as the Enzo's did. I for one cannot visualize a Ferrari coupe, or any coupe for that matter, that's as long as an S-class, and a Tahoe. I must reserve judgement until I see it in the flesh. Preferably with my flesh holding the keys.

    In some ways Maranello and Pininfarina have moved down a more difficult path. The last three clean sheet designs have not been especially photogenic cars. I remember the first pictures I saw of the 360. I thought it was a space-ship or something equally alien. Yet, in the flesh, it is breathtalking. Even today, some shots of the 360 are not nearly as beautiful as the 328, 348 and 355. Yet, in the flesh there is so much more to it than the others.

    The Enzo pushed that extreme envelope even further, especially when it was first shown. Now, I understand and enjoy its extremity. I think the 612 will develop in the same way.

    It is never easy to be daring. Thankfully Ferrari (and Lamborghini lest we forget) does not simply modify small pieces of the same design the way many other makes do.


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