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Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by sjmst, Mar 12, 2004.

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    ....vendors. Anyone here spend some serious money on their car? hmmm?
    Well, wouldn’t it be nice if those places we use could help us out now?
    We already have some sponsors for ROE. (See ROE threads in TRI STATE section). Leatherique, Sodacoms and Technik 1 all immediately stepped up to help out! I was looking to see if anyone from the larger group could help us out in NY/NJ. (Of course, you are welcome to attend too!)

    There are still some potential sponsors I am waiting to hear from. I am asking if anyone has contacts at any of the following potential sponsors. If so, would you be comfortable either contacting them or allowing me to use your name when contacting them? Works a lot better than cold calling (which, not being a professional fund raiser or organizer, I hate).
    Here is the list of who needs to be approached (unless someone has more to add) and the solicitation letter we would send or have sent.

    Potential Sponsors:

    Wide World of Cars
    Ferrari Of LI
    Classic Coach
    Car Store
    Race Deck
    Ferrari Stuff
    Hill Engineering
    Ferrari UK
    FX Performance
    Nick’s Forza
    Anyone else??? As little as $100. gets them on the ROE t-shirt and lots of good will. They can also provide ads or literature for distribution. Seems like a great opportunity for them (but what do I know).

    March 10, 2004

    Dear F Chat Sponsor:

    I am following up on the April 24th, 2004 gathering of automobile enthusiast from the New York and New Jersey area for an all day trip to share their enthusiasm and appreciation for cars. At the same time, they will be benefiting those who help others. The gathering is called the Spring ROE (Run Out East) and is planned via FerrariChat.com's New York Tri-State Region. The venue is Long Island’s beautiful East End. As I was thinking about our event, it occurred to me that each of us is really very fortunate. Every day I go to work at an urban hospital in New Jersey where 40% of our patients receive charity care to pay for necessary medical procedures. The difference is striking! SO I decided to ask if you wanted to help Trinitas Hospital.

    My Hospital’s Foundation is holding an event on May 13th and there are ad journal and raffle ticket support opportunities. Would you like to help?

    The ad journal comes out after the event so that pictures of the guests are included. People actually keep the journal that way and it gets into the hands of doctors and donors to the hospital. We expect to mail out 2,000 journals.

    We also have 50/50 cash raffle. Tickets cost $20 and only 2500 tickets were printed. There will be 5 CASH prizes awarded. If all tickets are sold, the top prize is $10,000, the next two are $5,000 each and the last two are $2,500 each. Better odds than the lottery and you get to help a Hospital at the same time! Who can resist this deal?
    Further, In exchange for a donation of $100.00 or more, we'll include your logo and phone/web information on a t-shirt that we will be distributing to all of our participants as a part of the event. We’ll also be sure to send one to you.

    Interested? I’ve attached a support sheet and a return envelope in case you want to help. Thanks in advance for anything you do. Please note that this is not an “official” request from Ferrari chat, merely one of its participants.
    Thank you so much for your consideration.


    Sam Germana

    PS: You can use the attached form for a contribution, but if you do I ask you e-mail to let me know and send me your logo for the t shirt. I’ve already gotten some f chat sponsor participation, but there is room for more. Thanks!

    Trinitas Health Foundation Gala
    Thursday, May 13, 2004

    Gala Sponsorship

    Sponsorships (all sponsorships include listing in program at event & ad journal)

    ___Event Sponsor-Gold Page & 20 tickets $15,000
    ___Dinner Sponsor-Gold Page & 10 tickets $10,000
    ___Cocktail Reception Sponsor-Silver Page & 8 tickets $ 7,500
    ___Award Sponsor-Full Page & 6 tickets $ 5,000
    ___Underwriter-1/2 Page & 4 tickets $ 2,500
    ___Patron-1/4 Page & 2 tickets $ 1,500
    ___Donor-Donor Listing & 2 tickets $ 1,000

    I wish to purchase __________tickets @$350 each.


    I cannot attend. Enclosed is a contribution of $_________.

    Ad Journal

    __Inside/Back or Front Cover $3,000 (7½”w x 10”h)
    __Gold Page $2,000 (7½”w x 10”h)
    __Silver Page $1,500 (7½”w x 10”h)
    __Full Page $1,000 (7½”w x 10”h)
    __Half-Page $ 500 (3 ½”w x 9½”h)
    __Quarter-Page $ 250 (3½”w x 4 3/4”h)
    __One-line donor listing $ 100

    Raffle Ticket Order Form

    Please send me # ____________ ticket (s) $20.00 I don’t have to be present to win.

    Name __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Company name __________________________________________________ ________________

    Address __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Phone __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Enclosed is a check for $_________________. Bill my: ( ) Visa ( ) Master Card

    Card Number Exp. Date:


    Please make checks payable to Trinitas Health Foundation Tax ID # 22-2353773
    Mail to: Trinitas Health Foundation, P.O. Box 259, Elizabeth, NJ 07207-0259. Fax to: (908) 994-8292. For more information, please call (908) 994-8249.
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