Looking for a UK Fchat member who amateur races cars

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by fatbillybob, Nov 22, 2019.

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    I'm looking for a UK racer who amateur races cars who might be able to help me source a specialized racing harness. In the USA we can only get the popular & cheap FIA legal harness systems. All the best stuff in in Europe and I am looking for something very specific.

    FIA certified:
    double shoulder belt HANS 3" body/2" Hans. cam lock fixed on one shoulder
    Pull up 2" lap belts
    6pt individual substrap
    7th sub a bonus

    Schroth used to import this into the USA but no longer. I would think this setup is still available in europe with the new FIA rules. It used to be called the "Hybrid 2 double shoulder belt HANS"

    If you think you have a good source of race harness suppliers let me know. PM me


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    Try the following

    merlin motorsport. They are just down the road from me and I’m happy to help if I can. Sometimes not the cheapest.

    or demon tweeks as stated above. Big online presence.

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