Wanted Looking for broken turn signal assembly

Discussion in 'Ferrari Parts & Collectibles' started by rsqrd930, Jan 15, 2019.

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    OK NEVER MIND: I posted the need for this a while back before I fixed mine (9/2011!!) and saw that someone replied, and there is a service ( that does this for you... ah well, so ignore as I don't know how to delete a post!!!

    A while ago, the turn signal assembly broke on my 90 TR, I may be late to this party but back then, I carefully disassembled it to find the nylon 'barrel' had split longitudinally, so I found some nylon glue (not as easy as one might think) and repaired it. I am *always* very careful when I turn on the lights....

    Anyway, my daughter is now an honors engineering student, CAD and 3D printing etc etc and I thought, "what a great little project if she needs one.... 3D render the part, 3D print it, and fix a switch"

    But, I am NOT going to take my "now working" assembly apart for this experiment.

    So, if someone has a broken one they want to donate (broken I suppose in this manner) and want to donate it, let me know. If successful, we can print these for anyone that wants one or maybe fix it? At $2000+ for a replacement, maybe a good idea, what can it hurt.

    Now, if this has been done by someone already, apologies for being late to technology etc :(;)
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