Looking for Grandfathers Ferrari (NOLA circa 1980s)

Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by PittJoe, Aug 1, 2020 at 4:29 PM.

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    I am wondering if any of you New Orleans natives may be able to help me my brother track down our grandfathers 1967 Ferrari 330 GT (I believe the year and model is correct), white exterior, red interior that he sold to his mechanic in 1981-82 timeframe. We have a lot of memories from that car and time we spent with our grandfather, Dr. Joseph Vella, who we called Dadad. He used to drive the car to Arizona several times per year to visit his sister and drove it frequently to work delivering babies!

    The car was in the shop often. It was an Exxon on S. Broad and Tulane (now a bail bond shop) owned by a guy named Jack (can't recall his last name). Dadad finally got tired of the constant repair bills and sold it to Jack and bought himself a little fiat convertible, which my mom totaled in a rear end collision later that year when her brakes went out (yikes).

    Dadad passed away in 1983 and we were just in New Orleans talking about him. If anyone can recall who Jack was or have any memories of the car, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Welcome, and thanks for breaking the Sleeping Beauty Spell that had settled over the Louisiana Section.

    There's not many current Club Members that go back that far......will be very interesting to see who chimes in.
    Sounds like he did have the right idea, to just "drive the car..."

    It was another time.

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