Mangusta Campagnolo rim set

Discussion in 'Ad Archives' started by DenisC, Sep 17, 2016.

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    I have a set of 4 rims ( 2x 7 inch + 2x 8 inch) wheels available. They are in 'as purchased' state. They look to be in descent shape. I am not in any rush to sell so lowball offers will just be ignored.
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    Hello Denis, what is the bolt spacing?
    Thank you.

    Regards, Alberto
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    Hi Dennis, what's your estimate regarding the price? Thanks in advance.
  4. DenisC

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    If I recall correctly they are unique ...... 4x105 or maybe 104
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    Mike S.
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    Years back I went on a worldwide hunt for a set for my then owned Mangusta. They came my way in such odd ways, one here, then two, then 4, put me at seven. Then they continued until I had a perfect 3 sets, staggered sizes correctly, and correct early magnesium matched together and later aluminum sets matching as well. I learned a lot. I leaned on Denis here the most. He was always educating me about all the variants, etc. - always willing to help and be a cool character as well.

    This was around 8 years ago. I sold all 3 sets fairly easily and stealth like for $7,500., $9,100., and $10k. Hope this helps with valuation?

    Wasn't there a sweet restored set that went for $15k+?
  6. *enzo

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    Apr 11, 2008
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    Are these still for sale?
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