Manhattan "Ferrari Parking Tax"

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  1. rotate

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    Jan 6, 2006
    Thanks for posting.

    I'm going to at least try and contest online, sheerly out of principle if not pettiness.

    The bagels are one of the few redeeming qualities of NYC.

    I'm going to try and base my argument around that and see if it flies. I doubt a 458 is going to garner much sympathy.

    My tyrannical spree has really sullied this fair city :)

    Sounds like a NYC story is in there for sure with that $65 pizza.

    Perhaps I'll just move to Miami.

  2. BT

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    Bill Tracy
    The law says 'whenever reasonably possible', and I would not say it is reasonable to have to fabricate a mount that places the plate above the entire front of the car, so I would challenge it. New York sucks. When I was in college at Miami there was a ticket lady who gave out tickets for anything and everything. On the last day of the semester she was having a car towed at the architecture school, and a friend of mine and I went down, and he flattened one of the tires. When she got in from the other side (it was one of those 3 wheel Cushman carts), she didn't see the flat. She tried to make a U-turn and the tire popped off the wheel. It was a highlight of the year for sure!
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  3. bmw_e30

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    nyc is the worst place i've seen when it comes to stuff like this. terrible quality of life with some of the highest costs in the usa to live and work. no thanks....
  4. wildcat326

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    Note the phrase "whenever reasonably possible." Might not be worth the time to fight, but are you able to send a letter of protest and try to state that is the "factory positioning" of the plate mount, and that the low height of the hood makes it otherwise unreasonable to raise?
  5. JP365

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    John Fanning
    I did that once in Skokie, Illinois, except I used quarters because I had just emptied the coin-op laundry machines in my building. The cop told me I couldn’t pay using coins because he couldn’t put a staple through it. I said I didn’t know that the ability to put a staple through it was the legal definition of currency in America and isn’t defacing money by stapling it a crime. Didn’t go over well. What should have been a ten minute excursion lasted an hour. I know Chicago is bad, but I find the suburban cops are far worse. As to the original post, I say fight it on general principle. In my experience, the cops rarely show and the case gets dismissed.
  6. SVCalifornia

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    I think it is challengeable but chances are he would be fighting it every time he got a ticket from someone intent on making a point.

    Not exactly pleasant I’m sure.

    I’d look at adding a spacer to the license mount to raise it sufficiently... and he can remove the whole thing when not in nyc...


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  7. fatbillybob

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    Aug 10, 2002
    It is not a tax. It is a liberal assault on wealth championed by a little person of no means but the power to ticket.
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  8. PhilNotHill

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    living in NYC is an invitation to get hosed.
  9. Raydog9379

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    I'd take the position with the court as more along the lines of trying to determine what to do every time you get one of these, as it will happen again and again. It's unreasonable to move it, and the law is pretty clear in that regard in how it is written (i.e. whenever reasonably possible).
  10. Ingenere

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    I am from Manhattan and spent my formative years in the 5 boroughs and the tri-state area and as soon as I figured out that virtually ANYWHERE is better than NYC, I got the heck out and could care if I ever see it again.

    Their bloated, ineffective government just needs more funds to support free health care and illegal aliens and the 'rich guy' with the Ferrari (who is also paying massive taxes), needs to give us some more. Sorry you got hit with the 'Ferrari tax'.

    As good as the bagels and pizza are, I'd rather go to Einstein's and hit my local NY style pizza than go back to that dump.
  11. Bad Boys 1

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    Mar 22, 2020
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    Michael Mulligan
    I got a ticket in Point pleasant nj while dropping something off and parked in a " loading only zone"

    I called and was told " there is no loading only zone on ocean ave"
    Sign said Loading only zone

    I took a picture and showed up in court to fight ticket.

    They do guilty tickets first.... then lawyers fighting tickets and then guys like me.
    so I was looking at 3 plus hours in court to prove I was right, or pay 65 bucks and leave... I paid
    wasn't going to waste 3 to 4 hours of my life for 65 bucks.

    Oh well.....

    Got a ticket once in lower manhattan for parking.. was in a garage and had a receipt.
    they sent to mercedes leasing and put on my bill.

    paid that one too.....
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  12. Jasonberkeley

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    Apr 23, 2017
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    Jason Berkeley
    I too live in Manhattan (though i am spending the lockdown at my house up by Lime Rock Park), and the city under DeBlasio has really gone to $#it. Homeless are everywhere, squeegee guys are back, this administration turns a blind eye to druggies using in the street, etc... This is all just the little things. This guy has launched a full frontal assault on anyone who is able to hold a job and earn a living, all in the name of the total BS concept of redistribution of wealth. This jacktard seems to think that the wealthy and business owners will stay here while having the fruits of their labors stripped away and given to those who prefer not to work. He's trying to bring back the bad-old-days of the 70s and early 80s.

    To add insult to injury, I got a redlight camera ticket on my last drive in NYC while leaving to head north for the time being. I was going a whopping 37 mph.

    Ive enjoyed the past month up in the Berkshires not having to deal with the nonsense of NYC under this guy. If only I could figure out how to earn a living up here...

    BTW, @rotate, you can get good bagels delivered wherever you are from Russ & Daughters on the lower east side (my favorite bagels, Pastrami smoked salmon, and whitefish)

    I just ordered almost $300 worth of stuff to get shipped to me up in the boonies, so for any current or former NYC dwellers who have booked out of the city and are missing some good traditional NYC food, you can still get it while supporting local businesses.
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  13. kes7u

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    Thank you for this!!! I am going to give them a try. Living in MN, VERY difficult to find a decent bagel.

    I can also attest to the fact that the people in MN do NOT know how to make a traditional east coast pizza. Nope. No pizza with nice melty cheese on the top. Every pizza place has dried up, semi-solid cheese on top. Unreal.

    Any other NY bagel or pizza places that deliver nationwide?

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  14. tonyswfla

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    Dec 2, 2007
  15. Jasonberkeley

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    Apr 23, 2017
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    Jason Berkeley
    I lived in Milwaukee for a long time, and as much as I loved it, you nailed it regarding pizza and bagels. There was one really good pizza place onthe south side of MKE that we would go to when we really wanted good pizza. Never found good bagels!

    The H&H link that someone else posted is pretty good too. Not sure about pizza. Best bet is try and get the dough shipped to you then make your own.

    Sorry @rotate- didnt mean to change direction of thread.
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  16. swede

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    May 4, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    Ridiculous ticket…
    Does your car have the suspension lifter? If so, would parking with it lifted up put the plate within the required height? Wouldn’t look so great though…
  17. msdesignltd

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    In all my years , never saw a ticket like that in city.
    And yet at every intersection in city there are taxi’s and fed ex trucks flooring it through red lights... with cops in cars at same light doing nothing.
  18. Jack-the-lad

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    Florida: no front plates.

    Let’s not give ‘em any ideas.
  19. ralfabco

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    Israel Beiteinu
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    That is an expensive bagel. I love New York. Lots of fun to people watch and take the Subway. Bleeker St Pizza is worth it. We enjoy visiting family all over the area.
  20. Jasonberkeley

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    Apr 23, 2017
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    Jason Berkeley
    FedEx and all the trucking and delivery companies have lawyers in the city who's sole job is to go and negotiate all of their parking tickets down to a settled number on an ongoing basis. I guess they just underwrite the tickets and the lawyer as the cost of doing business in NYC.
  21. mrrobot

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    Jan 7, 2019
    Why even put a front plate on? I've gone 4 years without a front plate on my Aston in NYC and only have one ticket. It's worth the 100-200 a year to have a clean front :)
  22. GuyIncognito

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    Jun 30, 2007
    no, you write them a check for $75.

    they'll have to waste their time processing a refund.


    write/mail a check immediately for $56. then the day before the fine is due in full, write a check for the other $9 and mail it to them with an apology for being dyslexic.

    sometimes you gotta think like your enemy to beat them ;)
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  23. tomc

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    Tom C
    Mmm. We used to hit H&H bagels when I was an undergraduate. I love NYC, glad to have been born there, love to visit, but threads like this make me glad I now only have to endure it as a tourist...T
  24. Wade

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    Wade O.
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