Maserati 3200gt 20th anniversary

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    Nicolas Di Cristofaro

    As you may know, we celebrate this year the 20th anniversary of the Maserati 3200GT who made his public debut at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris in October 1998.

    To commemorate this birthday, we’ve organise the first european meeting dedicated to the Giugiaro creation.

    Guests gathering from all over Europe (Belgium, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Swiss, Germany and even Norway) met last weekend in the Bade Wurtemberg region.


    I know the Maserati 3200GT is not well know in the US, as the car wasn’t officially imported (some of them made their way to Canada, how many I have no idea).

    For me, it’s the purest design made for maserati these last 40 years, but feel free to have another opinion.

    Some will even say that the 3200GT is the last true Maserati, with the final évolution of the biturbo engine.

    Anyway, we managed to gather 19 3200GT (and one gransport, on birtubo racing and one ghibli) and we all had a lot of fun, driving the wonderful road of the black forest (and for some, enjoying the unrestricted highways on their way to join the gathering).
    The complete line up:

    In total, more than 30.000 km has been travelled by the participants with the car (in total of course), and only one of the car had a gearbox problem on her way back.

    Not so bad when you think about their undeserved reputation of poor reliability


    I hope you will enjoy some of the pictures of the event.

    Photo credit:
    Serge Lombardi (german flag frames)
    Ciaran O'Neill (last 5 pictures)
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    That's really cool, thanks for sharing. I've always liked the boomerang taillights on the 3200 but due to some stupid US law they had to be changed for the 4200.
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    At the time we heard that Maserati thought Americans would prefer the taillights from a Honda Prelude.
    The car goes back a long further than 1998 though, it was in gestation for a long time beginning during the Detomaso days when they had no money to actually develop it.
    There was even a very early Ital Design website on which you could make some design changes to indicate what you preferred. How silly was that?
    At least it wasn't called "Ghibli".
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    Mark Oliver
    Thanks for posting. I have always had a soft
    Spot for these cars. Those boomerang lights are just superb - the genius of Giugiaro yet again.
    I believe there is a Dutch registered Gransport with the rear light clusters properly converted. To me, it is a huge improvement on the original look.

    Hope you enjoy many more long drives.

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    Gabriel R.G. Benito
    Was a true pleasure taking part in the event, which was very well organized by Mr. di Cristofari.
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