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Maserati 6000 GT FIA-GT 2004

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by Scuderia CC, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. Scuderia CC

    Scuderia CC Formula Junior

    Nov 1, 2003
    Full Name:
    Here a drawing of what future Maserati GT could be it which will be committed in the 2004 FIA-GT championship and which has as a base fabulous Ferrari Enzo... of which it uses a good part, of which its fantastic engine. Isn't it beautiful ?
  2. vanimal

    vanimal Formula Junior

    Mar 19, 2003
    Full Name:
    Ohh yeahh, bring it on, and please make a street version available as well. Oh and dont forget to let me win the lottery as well.
  3. Goggles Pisano

    Goggles Pisano Karting

    May 22, 2002
    It looks like the love-child of a Ferrari F-50, Maserati coupe and an Enzo. With a blood test necessary to determine who the real father is.

    Better looking than any of the three mentioned above.
  4. Auraraptor

    Auraraptor F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Sep 25, 2002
    Yup just about the perfect way of summing it up.
  5. aawil

    aawil Formula 3

    Aug 10, 2002
    Full Name:
    I can't wait to see and hear it on the track.
  6. F1racer

    F1racer F1 Rookie

    Oct 5, 2003
    Full Name:
    This car is an Enzo and a F50 put together. I like it!
  7. ferrari_kid

    ferrari_kid Formula Junior

    Jul 5, 2003
    i'd love to see that car out on the track and even more so the street. but it's definetly not consistent with the design of the enzo. familiar shapes, but this masser is so smooth. the design would probably be liked by more than just a few understanding fans of the brand.
  8. PSk

    PSk F1 World Champ

    Nov 20, 2002
    Tauranga, NZ
    Full Name:
    Man am I glad I did not buy that Enzo ... here is a car with the same performance (assumed) looks about 10,000 times better and has a great badge, and ACTUALLY will have the balls to race and prove itself.

    This car will have so much more pedigre than the Enzo it will not be funny. The F50 was the start of the crap teenage w*nking type magazine performance only type Ferraris and I personally hope the Enzo is the last.

    Both cars are great, but the top of the line performance Ferrari sportscar MUST race to prove itself ... and have real race winning performance not Lamborgini type performance that lasts just as long as the one test run the magazine can get out of it!

    Bring this Maserati on!, bravo, bravo.


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