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    My 1989 Maserati spyder will be 30 next year, although, date of manufacture was actually September 1988 I believe. So I thought I would see what Maserati Classic had to offer.

    Invaluable source of information
    Maserati Classic provides an invaluable source of information for Maserati enthusiasts and Maserati Club members. Here, they can find unique technical documentation, view classic cars' engine parts and much more.

    Kit Collection
    The “Maserati Classic” collection is dedicated to all the collectors and enthusiasts of the Trident brand.

    Each Kit is dedicated to historic Maserati models (3200 GT, Biturbo, Ghibli, Mistral and so forth).

    Historical Documentation
    Maserati Classic can provide Maserati Customers a new service of Historical Documentation pertaining to their vehicles.

    Technical and Aesthetic Vehicle characteristics (document on parchment paper)
    Contents: date of production, model, chassis number, engine number, displacement and fuel system, n° of cylinders, type of gearbox, type of body, rims, external colour with paint code, interior colour with leather code, possible accessories.
    Available in Italian or English language.

    Vehicle Historical Information (document on parchment paper)
    Contents: date of production, factory name when the car was produced, model, chassis number, order date, delivery date, dealer, first owner (if available), delivery zone.
    Available in Italian or English language.

    Certificate of Origin
    Contents: date of production, factory name when the car was produced, model, chassis number, engine type, n° of cylinders, displacement, engine number, type of body.
    Available in Italian or English language.
    Note: the Certificate of Origin is an Official document signed by a Maserati Authorized Representative.

    True copies of original historical documents (copies on parchment paper)
    Depending on the availability of documents in Maserati Historical Archive, Maserati Classic can supply true copies of original historical documents, i.e. the technical data sheet of the car, the final test data sheet, the delivery note, the internal order etc.

    Unfortunately there is a complete void for the Biturbos-

    Dear Mr. X,

    With reference to your request dated 01/11/2018 we regret to inform you that we don’t have many documents/information about the Biturbo “Era” in general.

    As you may know most of the vehicles were manufactured at “Innocenti” in Milan (propriety at that time of Mr. De Tomaso), and when “Innocenti” factory went to bankrupt unfortunately all the documents related to our vehicles were lost. Otherwise also for the vehicles manufactured at the factory in Modena we have only few information.

    For the above mentioned reason we don't have available information about how many 1989 Spyders were imported into the US, sorry.

    We deeply regret to say that we have not been able to reproduced any historical documentation for your Biturbo.

    Thank you for your understanding and we remain at your complete disposal.

    Kind regards,

    Maserati Customer Care
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    Marc Sonnery
    Hello, I very much empathize with you however...

    This NOT Maserati's fault but very much a glaring example of Alessandro de Tomaso's Modus Operandi, just sell product never mind anything else.

    Maserati ALWAYS made an effort to preserve its heritage, its archives during four of the 5 eras: Maserati brothers, Orsi, Citroen,XXXXXXXXXX, Fiat.

    Having worked on and currently working on several books in which he is at the periphery or center of the story I can tell you I have found noone with anything good to say about him, except a degenerate Count who was being used by him.

    Dig online, there is also an excellent book on all Biturbos in French, a reason for you to learn it perhaps.

    Also the Maserati Classic collection is one thing, Maserati Classiche is another.

    Enjoy your car, best regards,

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    Before Classiche they had a way to register all of your Maseratis online and they would verify the Vin # and production date. They did this for my 84 and my Ghibli Open Cup. For the cup cars they had very little else though because those were assembled by an outside vendor. Cozza did send me a factory stock Ghibli II owners manual with some pertinent technical facts crossed out and rewritten by him! I'm not sure if they're correct though. Later the EVO upgrade kit came out and those were mostly haphazardly installed by the owner's mechanics. I bough mine from John Bookout and conversed several times with his handler who graciously sent me the instructions that came with the EVO kit. Enrico had it translated from Italian into English and made copies in CD. We sent those to Cozza since he indeed remarked that he'd never been privy to any of Adolfo Orsi's pet Ghibli Open cup project, well that's what I was told anyway ...

    Anyway, that website had some owner's manuals and sales brochures on it in PDF format too.

    Everything was free back then. :)

    I'm pretty sure that Maserati would much prefer to have as little information as possible for the Biturbo line of cars. Even though biturbo engines are once again their lifeblood. Presumably they're doing a better job of it now. Originally they were on the bleeding edge with their design, much blood was let too! :p

    I bet Maserati Baltimore had the production numbers for the USA and Tim Jesilones who worked as their chief mechanic might know where to find out?

    PM me and I'll give you some phone numbers. I don't know how much he'd be willing to dig for you though. He also knows Biturbos like the back of his hands, he cut them up enough working on them. Worth a try.

    The numbers might even be on Enrico's website?

    Bob S.
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    If I remember correctly when Maserati Baltimore closed, the records went the offices of DeTomaso Industies US attorney. Supposedly they were then given to Ferrari North America when Maserati returned to the US market.

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