Maserati Ghibli (1966 - 1973)

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    I guess I will not be getting that free trip to Melbourne after all :) Looks like you have made a lot of progress.

    All four lamps should be on when high beam is activated. From your description it appears you have a H1 bulb in the high beam lamp and a H4 bulb in the low beam lamp. A H1 bulb has only one connector and gets ground through the body of the lamp. A H4 bulb has three connections; a low beam, a high beam and one for ground. Behind each of the pair of lamps you should find a wire connector. The diagram below shows how it should be connected. Using a multimeter you need to determine which of the three bulb connectors is common to both bulb filaments, this is where you connect the ground wire.

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    Thanks Ivan,
    I think even I should be able to work with this. thanks again
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    Julian the Ghibli is looking FABULOUS!
    Best Regards
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    Thanks Phil,
    I used Glenn to sort out my electrics who Paul thought had helped you with the Ferrari!
    Getting quite close now


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    Looking very very good Julian!

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    Wheels on, lights up, ready for take-off...and a pillow just incase there's a delay.
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