Maserati of Torrance, CA is Gone

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    This was a Rusnak company that offered Maserati's and Alfa Romeo's. They tended to also offer both used Ferrari's and Lamborghini's so it was always a pleasure to drive by their show room. No more. They have bailed after about a year or so (maybe two?). The Rusnak organization has pretty deep pockets, form what I understand, including an interest in TrueCar. I met a couple of their people, including the manager. They were all pretty nice people. Evidently the business model for this dealership was not working. Perhaps my friend's experience offers some enlightenment:

    Me: So how's the Ghibli now, did you get all the issues sorted out?
    Friend: Don't ask
    Me: Why, how many factory recalls did you have, 6 or something like that?
    Friend: Six...teen. I'm done with them.

    Bottom line is that he is using the CA Lemon Law to get some restitution. The items he described were about 60% nuisance (electrical gremlins) and 40% serious stuff (transmission, etc.). The number of days out of service exceeded a month on a new AWD model.

    Another occasion, a Coffee and Cars event. Passed by the clutch of Maser owners talking about their ownership experiences. "Has anyone not had any issues with their car?" and "You have to expect that kind of thing with a car like this."

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