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Maserati's Rolex Daytona Car (Video)

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by FLATOUTRACING, Dec 18, 2003.

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    Aug 20, 2001
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    First off these videos are taken from the Grand Am Message board and are the property of David Seiffert (also on Ferrari Chat).

    Two video clips of the new Maserati Trofeo Light GT-n spec car testing.

    Sounds a hell of a lot better than the 360 Challenge or GT. Sounds like the CR5 Corvette's.

    While I don't think they will be able to keep up with the GT3RSR's it going to be fun seeing Maserati back in GT racing.

    Only suspense is who will be driving. Rumor has Cort and Brett going to GW so that leaves...........


    Maybe David Seiffert will chime in here shortly.


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  2. Mitch Alsup

    Mitch Alsup F1 Veteran

    Nov 4, 2003
    Its got the sound of a 90 degree crank rather than the sound of a 180 degree crank. firig....exhaust

    The double left and double right bank firings cause that american V8 cadance.
  3. Hubert

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    Jan 3, 2002
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    sounds beautiful. I think maserati should release a street version; something akin to the 360CS.
  4. amenasce

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    Oct 17, 2001
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    Joe Mansion
    I prefer the sound of the 360 GT or even of the european Stradale.

    But this car is soo beautiful ! And quite cheap too. But as you said it probably wont stand a chance against the RSR and GTC.

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