McLaren Artura

Discussion in 'British' started by BJK, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. BJK

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    Disagree. It certainly looks like a McLaren, but I have no problem seeing the differences from a 570, to a 12C/650/675, to a 720. :)
    The 488 style side scoops are enough difference alone. See Post #13 above. Pics on left are the 570. Artura is on right. Why shouldn't it look similar to the model it is replacing?
    Now, can I tell the difference between the 100+? models of 911 over the last 50 years like a Porsche guy can? Hell no. :p
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  3. TheMayor

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    Well.... does a Roma look like an F8? Does an SF90 look like an 812? Does a 911 look like a Panamera? They have have the same flavor but you wouldn't confuse one from another. You would with the Auturo.

    And, if you're going to steal a design element, might as well do it from a classic designer.
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  4. Gh21631

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    Feb 24, 2011
    A better comparison would be a 570/720 to the GT as they are in different segments just like a 911 and a Panamera. McLaren doesn't and likely wont wont build so many models at least not for a long time. I do not mind the fact the cars aren't so radical from model to model. Ferrari and Porsche have essentially done the same. 458 to 488 to F8 and even the SF90 all look very similar. With the 911 you can go back 50 years and the similarities are there.
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  5. MotorMouth

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    They lose me when the lesser car weighs the same as the upper model. It used to be that the lesser cars were literally, lesser cars, which made them appealing in their own way.
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