Mid Atl Region Sunday Drive (RECAP)

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    For having only 48 hours notice and planning time, our Sunday drive turned out to be a pleasing success. I had a feeling that Sunday would be perfect weather wise and that most were probably dying to get out and hit the streets.

    I was expecting 4-5 cars and thanks to some local Porsche guys, we had 9 cars total. A last minute decision to split into two groups turned out to be a good idea. We had enough trouble keeping 4 cars together, let alone 9 on a Sunday afternoon.

    We had an ’86 TR, a 308QV, an ’85 downdraft Countach, a P C4S, a P C2, a P 996 Cab, an M Coupe and an M3. Amazingly, not one red car showed up! With all the different marques being represented, it was strange seeing no yellow or other bright colors either. That helped our low profile as we drove spiritedly through the backroads.

    We hit some typical traffic while getting out of Laurel and heading west but things cleared up after about 15 mins and we had some good open stretches.

    Things learned during the drive:

    1) Countaches don’t mind being sideways unexpectedly provided you don’t overdo any corrections.
    2) Harley riders should just pull over when being followed by sports cars.
    3) 308s with red interior will cause random people to yell “PIMP JUICE”.
    4) Adam Schneider is on his third bent brake pedal.
    5) A teenaged girl flashing on Route 32 can cause a missed shift.

    As luck would have it, the only mechanical issue of the day was with one of the BMWs. Somehow it was 2+ quarts low on oil and we got the valvetrain ticking in no time. 2 quarts from a neighborhood Citgo and we were on our way to dinner at Red, Hot and Blue in Laurel. The beers flowed, cigars were lit and the speculating began.

    How many cars will caravan to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal?
    Will anyone become a daddy on the trip?
    Will Jessica Biel ever do a more provocative photo shoot than the one in Maxim?
    Is Nikki Cox really engaged to Bobcat Goldthwait?
    Was the beginning scene of Apocalypse Now really the destruction of the Kurtz compund?

    All of these questions were answered, yet more were pondered.

    Until next time… (See everyone at the All Italian Drive Event next Sunday).


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