mine scud lacks power soo much when coolstart

Discussion in '360/430' started by joeyzhou, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. joeyzhou

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    Jul 30, 2016
    Three things : 1the throttle is not sensitive during the cold start , rpm won't go right up when full throttle.
    2: The scud is lack of power soo much , first gear full throttle, the rev goes up soo slowly, by the time to change second gear , FT86 by my side has pulled full car length ahead of scud
    3: the car has its full power when the water temp reaches 80+

    Is my scud normal? It can't be this powerless during the cold start right?
  2. zstyle

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    I don't believe this is normal.

    You may want to bring to a dealer or independent with a SD3 to reset the ecu parameters. If the ECU does not know the correct parameters (ie for a given ambient temperature, the timing, airflow, fuel etc should be a desired value) you will notice severe performance problems.

    I doubt the fuel system is your issue since you have full power at a given temperature.
  3. redcaruser

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    No power during the cold start procedure is normal, therefore my recommendation: Don't drive the Scud while the engine is in its cold start program!

    We talk about a highly developed and demanding sports engine. Always wait until the engine reach a round and stable idle! If you do it anyway it may be that the engine does not come out of this program for a longer time and the car drives like with a broken engine (no power, not a normal throttle response etc.). Then the only reasonable solution is: stop the car, turn off the engine, wait a few seconds, start the engine from new and wait for at least 30/45 seconds until the car falls into a round and stable idle.
  4. mwstewart

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    The ECU is likely protecting the car from your abuse. Do not drive the car hard until the oil is up to temp.
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  5. RWP137

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    Why would you want to rev or command full throttle with a cold engine? Don’t do that...
  6. mkzhang

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    Stop beating the crap out of the car

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    Make sure the battery is fully charged when you start the car. I had my scud in for annual service at the dealer and forgot to tell them that I'm using a lightweight battery that should be on a trickle charger. When I started the car when I picked it up, there was very little throttle response. Once I drove the car around the block and got some charge in the battery, it worked fine. Could just be a coincidence, but I suspect it was a matter of misfiring because of little or no spark in some of the cylinders.
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    Hugh G. Rection
    Just wow.... :(
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  9. mello

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    Based on your lack of knowledge of the Scud, please sell it and get yourself a Nissan GTR. You'll be MUCH happier and Ferrari will thank you for it.
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  10. mike01606

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    Mike M

    Keep doing this and your engine will die a painful and very expensive death....
    It could be normal (as Mark says to prevent abuse) but I’m not sure many will have tested it!

    Revs below 3-4K until the oil temp is on the gauge.

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