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Discussion in '348/355' started by Intheflesh, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Yesterday, I started what what just be a never ending task. While testing for bad connections to find why the hell my right blinker isnt working, i desiding to rip out all the sticky peices in my car. then i was looking down at my rusted out door sills and decided that those need to go too. so, im going to order a set of CF ones from Ricambi. then i realized my seats are kind of in bad shape, so I ordered some Leatherique. I know im going to find a million other things to do 'while im in there.'

    Let me finish loading pics into my photo bucket, then i shall share my adventure with you.

    i intend to make serveral DIY tutorials, but keep in mind this is a learning process for myself as well, so my techniques may not be the best.

    Edit, i just realized fchat doesnt allow hotlinking, so im renewing my 'subscription' so i can uplaod the pics directly.
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