Mondial t engine- left bank running rich

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by Wingnut, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Hey All,
    Just wanted to pass this on. The left bank of my 1990 Mondial t (5-8) began running so rich that combustion completely stopped. Hardly wanted to run at all. Fuel odor coming out of the exhaust.
    All 5-8 plugs wet, gas smell when pulled and sniffed. Carbon black coated. Cat Conv. not happy on the left side either.
    Right side (1-4) plugs looked as they should, clean, no carbon. I was going to first switch ignition coils when I found new Bosch ignition coils at RockAuto for.....$42.79, their part # 0221503407. With tax and shipping, total came to $53.14. I ordered one, just got it, put it in, and now the engine runs like a champ!. Ran down the road about 10 miles, pulled a #5 plug and saw immediate improvement in the look of the plug, like the carbon was cleaning off after that short run. My engine now runs so much better!
    Just ordered another for the right side.
    At this price, I would recommend to all Mondial t and 348 owners to put in new Bosch coils if running rich is a problem, or just keep on hand for the future. The r&r swap to the new coil is easy on the Mondial t- remove 4 screws and the electrical connect. If my coil was failing with only 26K on the odometer, yours might be next.
    Just my 2 cent fix-it for today.
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    Very good info, thanks!

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