Montreal targets return to F1 calendar

Discussion in 'F1' started by jk0001, Jul 24, 2009.

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    Government behind drive to restart race in 2010, report says

    Jul 23, 2009 04:30 AM

    MONTREAL–A new proposal, with the support of three levels of government, will soon be presented to Formula One head Bernie Ecclestone in a bid to bring the Canadian Grand Prix back to Montreal for a minimum of five years, La Presse reports.

    The pitch, eight months in the making, would address past concerns about the viability of the race and Ecclestone's claim that former race promoter Norman Legault owes F1 about $12 million.

    Last October, F1 announced its 2009 schedule without the Canadian GP. Yesterday, the website posted a provisional schedule for 2010 F1 season including a June 6 race in Montreal.

    Ecclestone has said it would take $175 million over five years to restore the race to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. In April, the federal, provincial and municipal governments signed off on a five-year, $110 million pitch but were turned down.

    Losing the race cost Montreal an estimated $100 million in business this year. Race day crowds have reached 120,000, with 300,000 in total attendance for the weekend.

    Former Conservative senator Michael Fortier has been a key player in the process, La Presse reports.

    The Turkish GP, moved up in the schedule to Montreal's old June date, was a financial disaster with Ecclestone himself stepping in to cover costs. He called the Turkish race "the worst deal I have done."

    Recent reports suggest F1, which has been dealing with infighting among teams and the threat of a breakaway series, also has financial concerns about the British and German Grand Prix.

    La Presse, Star wire services

    Provisional FOTA 2010 Schedule
    March 3 Buenos Aires Argentina
    March 21 Mexico City Mexico
    April 11 Jerez Spain
    April 25 Portimao Portugal
    May 2 Imola San Marino
    May 23 Monte Carlo Monaco
    June 6 Montreal Canada
    June 13 Indianapolis United States
    July 1 Silverstone United Kingdom
    July 25 Magny-Cours France
    August 15 Laustizring Germany
    August 29 Helsinki Finland
    September 12 Monza Italy
    September 26 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
    October 10 Marina Bay Singapore
    October 24 Suzuka Japan
    November 8 Adelaide or Surfers' Paradise Australia
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    That along with allowing Mosley to be his side kick.

    It really nice these two cretins are on there back foot right now I hope Montreal gets it back.

    Where real fans can watch it, it's pathetic it went in the first place.
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    The schedule is at least a month old and relates to the post-split agenda and is therefore not really credible

    And on that basis how new (sadly) is the Montreal element ?
  5. GG

    GG Formula 3

    Feb 21, 2008
    Having attended the past 3 Canadian GP's, I would love to see the city get the race back (though I'll no longer be there). This year, without it, there was a feeling of emptiness during that first weekend of June. There were still the usual street festivals, and lots of people were donning their F1 gear (I pray they weren't Europeans who travelled here unaware that the race was cancelled), but the spirit of the race was clearly devoid and nothing could replace it.

    I was actually at the track a couple of days ago. It's turned into a bike/rollerblading track. I walked along a decent stretch of it and you could see that the track is not in the best of shape, but there's a sense of irony seeing cyclists zoom past you at 20mph when just a year prior these beautiful machines would be traveling past you at 200mph.
  6. jk0001

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    Lets hope that the madness ends and the race returns.
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    VIZSLA Four Time F1 World Champ

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    Amen brother.

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