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    It's hideous. But if it's not being resold or presented for a commercial purpose or likely to confuse the market place, where is the legal claim?
  2. Ferrari is just doing what a business does...protect it's image/trademarks/patents selectively. I don't blame them one bit even if it is a bit overboard in this case.

    Porsche does it and so does Mercedes. Anyone remember the gull-wing that had to be crushed? In the '70s, Tony Ostemeier (Gull Wing Motors) build a few incredible replicas with an ingenious alloy/epoxy spray body. Mercedes now take this VERY seriously and you won't get away with it. In the '70s my Porsche mechanics in Harbor City had to remove the word "Porsche" from the shop name. To Ferrari, the prancing horse and name is worth over $50 million in profits each year in merchandise alone. Everything from teddy bears, to pens, hats, shirts and even bikes. It's business folks....

    As far as people leaving the Ferrari brand or dying...sorry, I have heard that for 30 years and it hasn't happened. I would have to say the < 30 crowd that buys a Lambo is not really a car person any more than a person that buys a new Bentley. Just a person that car afford to lease an expensive car. Most couldn't tell you how many gallons of gas that car takes. Most think you rotate the air in the tires. Great cars...yes. But, Ferrari has history in it's red blood which Lambo just doesn't.

    People will leave the Ferrari brand when they are tired of expensive repair bills but, Ferrari is here to stay as the "IT" car as the numbers prove.
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    Not necessary. It used to be important to do it when you changed the blinker fluid, but modern cars have had self-adjusting air for a decade or more.
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    I think this is a waste of money in legal costs. I bet the person that came with the idea of suing was a lawyer.
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  6. My preference is Castrol blinker fluid because it is compatible with the square O-rings in the stabilizer unit of the steering column. Of course, I change it every 3,000 miles along with the tail light bulb coolant.
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    Id fire the entire legal team and give a good long talk to the marketing team on why the hell did they not speak up louder and yell at the idiots over in legal. This has the potential to put the brand name on millions of young peoples minds, now they just ruined that. Idiots.....

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    Ferrari has always operated its business in, shall we say, a counterintuitive fashion. Somehow it hasn't seemed to hurt.
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    The Jerrari is awesome!

    The whole IP business is so jacked up these days its ridiculous. Of course a business has a right to protect their IP, but come on, this is clearly a parody and is not a commercial venture.
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    I wish they'd go after the guy in this area who drives a Fiero re-bodied like a 308, which he calls a "Fauxrrari". He says the car is registered as a Fiero, and I wouldn't mind the car that much if he would just take all of the Ferrari logos off of the car.
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    Odds are Facebook is more of a fad then Ferrari.
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    +1 Agreed.

    Facebook is where you go when you need to pretend you have an interesting life by asking other pikers for their approval. I don't even know why these brands use social media in the first place, none of it ever translates to any sales.
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    You are right. I'll sell my cars because Ferrari offended a burned out DJ and facebook people.
  14. To say Ferrari is a brand people roll their eyes at is ridiculous....plain and simple. Last year, they had record revenues, profits and cash flow. Ferrari branded merchandise had revenues and profits that were huge and growing. The Ferrari brand is repeatedly named the most powerful brand in the world. Not exactly a shining example of a company on it's way out.....nice try.
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    Obviously you wont. But the attitude Ferrari has at times has already driven a few owners here to do just that. This guy was enjoying his car, using it much more in 5 days than most owner will in a year. He was not doing it for financial gain.

    I understand they need to protect their trademark (after all they do make more $ selling junk than selling cars..) but they could also see this story as it is and just laugh about it. It's the same stupidity of Ford suing Ferrari for calling their F1 car F150..Only lawyers win.
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    Andrew Menasce
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    has Ferrari patented those stupid looking smiling front ends yet?
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    I'm fairly sure that humor/parody/mocking is exempt from trademark similarity infractions.
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    Oh boy, I have removed the 348ts from my car. I hope Ferrari won't sue me...

    What a stupid lawsuit. Of course you can change the color of your car without asking for permission.

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    This fellow is local to me and I have seen the car. It's hilarious. I love the fact the he stuck his finger in the ass of Ferrari.

    I really hope he dumps that 458 for the mclaren, just out of spite. It appears Ferrari has lost a customer, and because of his popularity, many others through Facebook, Twitter etc. Ferrari really shot themselves in the foot with this one I think. They may not feel it now, but in the future it could hurt them. The internet doesn't forget.
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    Pride goes before a fall ... and it's not like Ferrari hasn't been in deep financial doo-doo before. It's also not hard to find examples of companies that were in Ferrari's current situation and then fell into the abyss.
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    He wears a giant micky mouse mask for a living.
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    my 355 is red over tan... my car is life sucks

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