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More funny stories....

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by FerrariFrank1, Nov 21, 2003.

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    Aug 15, 2003
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    O.K. I FINALLY felt well enough to go and get my light bulbs. Only a 10 minute or so drive. Also thought,"Hey,I better get the Emissions test done on my Ferrari,TODAY". It was due November,and,I kept forgetting. PLUS I wanted to take the "topless" drive that I wasn't able to get in,yesterday. Took the Targa top off,too! (HeeHee!) Then,when I saw that we MIGHT have Snow next week,that usually means Salt,( and they Salt the living sh*t out of the streets aroung here!) So,I was able to accomplish 3 things at once,AND quickly! I went to the Auto Parts store. This guy is REALLY cool. An older guy,and he's been going to "The Rock" for many years. Usually,with the MG club. Now,the MG club is usually THE FIRST guys to arrive. AND...they ALWAYS come,rain,snow,or shine. Some,including this fellow,come even with no top on their car! No matter,cold,snow,rain,what have you. I always said that the MG club guys have Brass Kahoonies! So,we chatted for awhile,and I left. Went over to the Emissions Testing center in Addison. Pulled up in the Ferrari,no one else at all waiting in any lines. Yea!!! I pull in,and it was like Bee's to Honey. About 6 or 7 young guys all come over to see the Ferrari. One kid says," I wonder whats going on today. We also had a Testarossa,A Lamborghini,and 3 Porsches in here today. Now this car!". I told him that we were all getting ready to put the cars away for the Winter now,and that with the threat of possible snow next week,comes Salt. So,they ask me to "go ahead and wait in the waiting room". I said,"No way,pal! I'm sitting in the passenger side!". So,the one kid goes and gets another and says,"You drive it!". I'm not sure if my 6'2",300# PLUS frame scared him,but,another kid came over to drive it. He was thrilled. I was telling him about the car,my 'Vette,and my "Ferrari Buddies" who also DRIVE their cars. My car passed immediately on the idle test alone. It was fun! (but,scary!) Now,all done for the day,and resting my achin' back!

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