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Discussion in '308/328' started by Kidasters, Jul 14, 2019.

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    Hey guys -

    Haven't posted for awhile. I've been very busy with some other projects. I do want to get back to the Ferrari though.

    When we last left this saga, I just had a major service, but after that the car started acting funny. When it gets warm, the idle increases dramatically. Only when warm. Doesn't typically do it when the car is cold.

    I had thought this was a throttle cable/pedal linkage issue. I have a new throttle cable, and if it wasn't so stupidly hot, I'd pull all the old stuff out and clean/rebuild my pedal mount. However, talking to a friend of mine, one thing that came up was - could this be an issue because something is getting warm and changing the geometry of the cable? We wondered if old motor mounts might be the problem.

    Finally - I'm looking at motor mounts on all the normal sites. It looks like initially there were 2 different types (Front and Rear), but now there is only one. And - if anyone has any tips on changing them, please let me know. I'm sure it's not as easy as it seems to look.
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    Mitchell Le
    You know, going from throttle cable issue to motor mount(s) as a cause is a really far stretch. I suggest that you focus on the throttle issue first.
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    If the motor mounts are causing geometry issues with the throttle cable, I'd expect a host of other issues to be present. Like the engine dragging on the ground.
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    In regards to the mounts themselves I'm pretty sure there's only one part number. Obviously the interface brackets all have different part numbers and locations.
    As for the high idle just look at the throttle when it's doing it and you will quickly confirm whether or not it has anything to do with the cable. My guess, since it just started doing it, is that a hose got left unplugged from the plenum and you have an intake leak.
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    I replaced all 4 motor mounts on my 89 328, and what a difference, car Idles much smoother and the gear selection is improved a lot, and even the handling. You will be so pleased with the results, I also replaced both my clutch and throttle cable, I suggest that you do the same if you have not already

    Thank you
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    main thing to know is they level with shims so keep track of what falls from each location..

    As noted gearshift linkage is usually first to bind and you notice the headers hitting the frame.
    when new there was clearance!!

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