Motorclássico 2005 in Lisboa Anyone? If so pleeease get me pics since I can't go!

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    LISBON - 02/04/2005

    Motorclassic fair returns

    After the huge success in 2004, the 'Motorclássico' - International Fair of Classic Automobiles and Motorcycles, will return on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April to Lisbon.

    Resembling the 2004 edition, the fair takes place in Lisbon, at FIL Parque das Nações - where the Expo98 took place - spreading across 10,000 sq metres, and is exclusively dedicated to the world of the classic automobile and motorcycle. Exhibitors include car dealers, motorcycles and bicycles dealers, specialised workshops, parts suppliers and institutional organisations such as museums, clubs, associations, rally's, bookshops, automobilia and vintage toys.

    The 'Motorclássico' goal is to promote and be a driving force to the classic automobile and motorcycle universe, developing its commercial and institutional aspects as well as presenting it to the general public.

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    The Motorclássico fair will feature some special events. Among these is the already confirmed "Ferrari in Portugal" exhibition, which will cover not only the several models of the italian maker from the early days up to now but also their way through half a century of racing in Portugal.

    The exhibition will also contain several other pieces, accessories and contents related to Ferrari.
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