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    So for 3 years that I have had my Lusso, I have wondered how to mute navigation guidance. In Mercedes or other German cars, you generally just push Mute during an announcement and it stays this way. With the Lusso, it will mute the current announcement, but not the next. The other thing is to turn down the volume all the way during an announcement. This works as all subsequent announcements are also muted, but the hifi volume is still turned down momentarily during the now muted announcement, so you get sudden blanks in the music you are listening to.
    No option to mute announcements from the main screen either.
    I had kind of accepted it until I found it, by sheer luck a couple of days ago... You can mute the announcement via the steering wheel control, when you are using the right dash screen as navigation screen. Just scroll and the option is here! Not sure how somebody thought it was a good idea to make that option available only from the dash, but anyway, I thought I'll let you guys know that's where it's at!
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