My 348: Does it need a new clutch or not?

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Husker, Apr 16, 2004.

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    I would like some insight about clutches if I may.

    My 348 is getting a new throw-out bearing. Additionally, my mechanic says "it might" need a new clutch, but he has to look at it some more. He said he's "50-50" on it right now and is going to look more.

    I guess my question is: Is it not a black and white issue as to whether a car needs a new clutch? How can it be "iffy"?

    If it is in a grey area, would you go ahead and encourage him to replace the clutch or not?

    I apologize for the ignorance of my question. I fully trust my mechanic but I am just trying to educate myself. Thanks.
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  3. richard_wallace

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    Feb 6, 2004
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    I would have him do a read on it... I think the 348 clutch new has a depth of 3mm (someone smart out there can verify)... If you are down to 1mm or below - if you are doing the service - might be wise to take care of the clutch while you are at it. Mine on my 355 was just replaced it was at .86mm (17K on the odo) - could have lasted a little while longer (maybe one more summer)... but since I was having the service done - I told them to go ahead... If he is a good mechanic - once he is in there - he should be able to give you the good read on should you or should you not - if you don't trust him - have him do a clutch depth - and if you are down to 1mm or less go for it - should be about 2 - 3K for clutch, master and slave + service. Could be less if you have it rebuilt...

    Hope that helps - and I am sure more proficient people will sound in on specifics on the 348...

    The little gizmo that does the clutch depth reading is in this post...
  4. fatbillybob

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    Aug 10, 2002
    clutch 3 parts in 348/55 4 parts:

    1) clutch plate thickness compressed and not compressed
    2) pressure plate fingers springs friction surface
    3) flywheel surface
    4) grease pak and internal guts

    frankly many mechanics too lazy or not knowledgeable on clutchs and just replace them. This way they are guaranteed to work and they do not have to do extra work for the same in/out labor and they do not have to backpedal and loose a customer when things go wrong in this poorly designed sytem. Even Ferrari had 3+ upgrades. However, some mechanics treat these as separate systems especially item 4. Then when you pay to do a "clutch" and 4 goes bad miles later you then pay for an in/out again and a repak but first a diagnosis on why your car does not hot start. You can make alot of money on Ferraris people are easily fooled. Don't say anything to your mechanic and see if he mentions item 4. If he does not and you do then by reading this post you now know more than he does. Sorry to FC board I'm a cynic and not a pro mechanic

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