My 355 won't start, HELP!

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by XSSSIVE, Aug 2, 2004.


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    Mike S.
    I decided to drive the 355 to work today. I started the car this morning and idled for a few seconds and then died. The usual cold start. Then I turned the key off and back on to restart, nothing happens. I am sure it is not the battery because it turned over so easy. The radio and panel work fine.

    Is it a bad starter or what? Any ideas?
  2. ernie

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    The Bad Guy
    It sounds like your alternator has gone out. If the alternator is no good the car will run off of the power from the battery until it is drained. That is my guess. If it does turn out to be the alternator just have it rebuilt at any reputable alternator shop. Be sure to have them use a heavy duty regulator during the rebuild. But before you go that far, have a look to see that the alternator belt hasn't busted.
  3. richard_wallace

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    Richard Wallace
    Out of curiosity -try turning the power off (with the little power cut off in the bonnet) - let it be in the off position for 10 minutes - then turn it on and try again...

    Now that you tried again - are you getting no juice at all - not turning over - try recharging the battery and try again. You can go to a local Autoshop and have them test the alternator as well...

    give us a little more detail after you tried the 2nd time... was it still trying to turn over?

  4. BigHead

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    Another thing to try - notorious problem on 348s and 355s. Jack up the right front, remove RF wheel, unscrew inner fender liner. Then remove and thoroughly clean the battery terminals, using a tool to scrape all the gunk off every surface that makes contact - should be shiny bright when you're done. Then reconnect terminals. While you're at it, take a voltmeter to the battery and see if it's still alive.

    If your car started right up beforehand, then wouldn't even turn over, I'd say that there is a good chance this is your problem. Ask me how I know....

    Let us know how it turns out!


  5. Rifledriver

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    Brian Crall
    The Batt cable junction box under the hood is notorious for causing that problem. The nuts were often not tightened at the factory. It is under the right hand side panel in the engine comp. Also if you have your alt. tested you should make the connections at the battery. I know it's a pain but there are several possible problem connections between the alt and the battery and you don't need to know what the alt is putting out, you need to know what the batt is receiving. Also while you are at it the alt mount on 355's are notorious for providing a poor ground path. Many 355 alt were hurt by that. A factory fix for that eliminated the problem. It was to install a sizeable ground cable from the alt body to the motor. If you don't have one on there, make sure you do by the time your issues are resolved.
  6. f355spider

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    Hugh G. Rection
    Great advice, check and add distilled water while you are at it (if it has removable caps). Due to the difficult to access location, Ferrari batteries are notoriously neglected. I battery tender is a must as well.
  7. RedF355

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    Mar 1, 2004
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    Due to some humbleing experiences with the alarm in my 97 355, I would be wondering right now if the red alarm light is on? If the alarm is tripped somehow, I have hd my car start and idle for a gew seconds then die and the alarm kills the starter. Everything else will work fine, just no power to starter. I have a set of alarm modules with the paper key code and remotes if you or anyone else needs them. I have lots of experience with the alarm system as i have had tons of issues with mine. If you need help and that is the issue feel free to call contact me at
  8. mondial86

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    David Holmes
    Your profile showes that your 355 is a 95 ,the 95's did NOT have factory alarms so don't look there,I am with BIGHEAD LOOK AT THE BATT. CABLES ETC. good luck

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