My Ferrari Power Warranty Story **Please read if you’re thinking about purchasing!

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Fugy, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Sam Hsieh
    So this is my story about getting the powertrain warranty from Ferrari for my 2014 FF.

    I had purchased my Ferrari FF from Utah in August 2019. Due to the notorious PTU issues with the vehicle, I had asked Ferrari of Utah to do an inspection for pre-purchase and also so that I can purchase the powertrain warranty. They performed inspection which cost about $800. Inspection went well without any issues (had some battery problem but it just didn’t have a full charge) so I purchased the FF and had it shipped to Washington state. The following six weeks I have been playing phone tag with the service department of Utah with a service rep called Chandler. Essentially, he had been telling me that he was just waiting for paperwork, everything had checked out and that this was just a waiting game. After six week, he gave me a call and said that he’s unable to sell me the Ferrari new powertrain insurance without any specific reasoning. I had brought it to their manager and he was of no help also. I escalated up to BBB, but unfortunately there was no resolution.

    I then contacted Ferrari of Seattle and asked if I could purchase the powertrain warranty through them. They informed me that they had to do the inspection again even though it was done recently by Ferrari dealership. The gentleman on the phone, said that it would cost $1200 for the pre-inspection. I asked him why it was $400 more than Ferrari of Utah and he said that they had to do some compression testing, hence it would be more. I said I will contact him two weeks later to schedule an appointment. Two weeks after, I contacted the service rep and unfortunately he did not work there anymore. The service manager emailed me back and said that the inspection cost with the 12 cylinder powertrain warranty was going to be $9360 + tax, which meant that the inspection charge was gonna be $3610 alone as the warranty normally cost $5750. My jaw dropped. I emailed him back stating that the last representative had called me talk hundred dollars for it, he then replied saying, “oops, my bad, must have had fat fingers” and stated it was going to be $1600. Although, it was pretty clear he had put some thought in the email. He also said that it’s more because of an older vehicle and needed compression testing.

    Something just didn’t add it. It seemed like they were just randomly giving out quotes and there were no standards to it. Luckily, I visit Vancouver British Columbia quite often since my folks are up there. I gave for Vancouver a call and ask them about the new power train warranty inspection. He said the warranty for a 12 cylinder is $5750USD. I asked him how much the inspection cost would be, he said it’s included. Wow. WTF. He confirmed that it covers all of North America. I booked the next available appointment.

    I had my inspection performed at Ferrari Vancouver yesterday which took about five hours and I had purchased the powertrain warranty without any additional inspection fee. They were great. The only downside was that he had to charge me in CDN with Vancouver tax, but it still saved me a bundle.

    Maybe most of you are already aware of this don’t mind the addition $8-1600 charge, but it didn’t make sense for me that there was such a large discrepancy. This worked in my favor as I go up to Vancouver quite often. If you do plan on getting the new power warranty or need it renewed and don’t mind the drive up to Vancouver, I would highly recommend it. Ask for Justin in the Sales department.

    He also shared with me that by not charging me any inspection fee, he still makes about $1200CAD.

    Maybe that’s why Utah didn’t want to sell it to me cause it’s too late for them to get my vehicle back to gouge for more money. Anyways, that’s my story. Food for thought.

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    Rob Lay
    wow, thanks for sharing! less learned to shop around, even if it is with other Ferrari dealers.
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    Good to know. The Stealership monkier gets another vote up.
  4. Fugy

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    Sam Hsieh
    Absolutely, please call around before you decide to move forward!!
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    With extended warranties, I think it's always a good idea to shop around.
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    Dan L.
    Thanks OP for sharing your experience.

    As we all know, dealers can charge whatever they want. And most of the times, it's way over priced.
    Like the dealer wants $9,100.00 to replace the windshield of my 2006 F430 Spider...............

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a very good experience with Ferrari of Vancover, BC. I remember reading some posts here of members that had a horrible experience with them............

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