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Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by NC348, Jul 31, 2004.

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    James I. Movich
    nope, not the singer. The kind you rub on your paint. got so excited i just felt compelled to share...

    if you have wondered about doing this, you should go out, get some, and give it a shot.

    my paint came out unbelievable. wish i had done this sooner. also wish it had been 20 degrees cooler, but at least it was overcast, so i could work outside...
    there was a post a while back that had some links. one of the articles there peaked my interest enough to try it. glad i did.

    in the article i remenbered the author saying he used it on his windows. worked great. i have always had a stain (sumdgey, blurry spot) on my front winshield that no matter what chemical i used, refused to come off. well, its gone now!

    takes a while to get the feel of it, but after about a third of the car, i could feel when the clay was cutting and when it was just riding the film of (too much) water.

    one thing i did notice though.... once you clean with this stuff. EVERY paint imperfection shows up. it produced a mirror finish. if you have a 348 or a TR, you can expect it to be labor intensve on the cheese graters, but WTH, with the end result so nice who cares?
    try it!
  2. Ricambi America

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    James -

    I've clayed my car a few times using Griots clay and Speed Shine -- but honestly, a little mist of water works just as good as the Speed Shine. The Cheese Graters are the worst part of the car when it comes to washing, drying, claying, and/or waxing. I clayed/waxed them ONCE, and vowed to never do it again. Since they're basically made of plastic, I figured it wasn't worth my time and I'm told the rear of the grater (where each horizontal slat mates into the rear of the door) can be very delicate and crack quite easily.

    If only I could invent some device/machine to aide in the drying of those things, I'd be a happy camper.

    Now trust me.. go buy some Meguires NXT Tech Wax at Pep Boys. Use the sponge provided for application and a microfiber towel for removal. You'll thank me.

  3. wax

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    Jul 20, 2003
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    Dirty Harry
    Can a "soft tip" be added on as an extension to a wet/dry vac?
  4. DGS

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    May 27, 2003
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    A still. Use pure H2O without "additives" and it will dry pretty much invisible. -- Which is much of the premise behind the MrClean "no dry" car wash system: not distilled water, but filtered. (There's also an additive, presumably to reduce surface tension - but I wouldn't try that on the Ferrari before trying it on a beater car first.)

    Meguier's "Quik Detailer" comes with a wad of clay, too. It came in handy for removing road tar when I cleaned up the finish on the old Alfa.
  5. speedball

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    Mar 29, 2004
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    Scot Anderson
    I've been using the Mr Clean washer since it was first advertised on the Speed Channel last year. It works great ..... I use it on all my cars including my 550 and 996. If you want a quick no hassle wash without having to worry about drying the car .... I recommend getting one. Dry's spotless and shinny. Costs about $ 17 at Wal-Mart or Target. One of the few things out there that really works as advertised.

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