My new F355 Spider (I didn't find a well 348) and vs. California ?

Discussion in '348/355' started by GOODYES, Oct 7, 2017.


    GOODYES Karting

    Oct 7, 2017
    Barcelona, Spain (España)
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    Hello people, I just registrered on this superb Ferrari community, well superb not at all cause on Chrome the website does not remember the login, but solved using Ms. Edge.

    I'm just about to purchase a F355 Spider earliy years (1995), less tan 50K kilometers (less tan 30K miles) from an authorized Ferrari shop.Don't have maintenance book, but theyinvested 14K euros in labor to let the car good condition, well, seems like new. Car came from Germany. They give me 1 year of warranty (engine). The car have the luggage tool by Ferrari. Rosso corso Exterior Beige interior, I think one of he most beatuful color combinations.

    I read many many about 348 and 355 spider, but what are your toughts about.
    I know that it is vbery expensive as for maintenance, say belt every 4 years even if the caris not moving, for about 7-8K euros.

    Do you know ever how many km / time will I must change oil in a Ferrari dealer and how much ?
    same about clutch, every how many KM &or time, or is the cluctch only every n km's (I meant not like the belts where the belts must be changed every n years even if the Ferrari was not moved)
    Belts is every 4 years or up to 6 years ?

    This will be my first sportscar Im a Barcelona taxi driver and I plan on using with some Premium customers

    My other idead was to get a California due cause it have 4 seats so I can offer my services to much more people customers, but California is more expensive about 20K, well more easy to maintenance I think , but also I think is not as good as for looking (for sell services) as this one right ? (well I like more the looking of F355 spider tan California)

    What about F355 and F355 vs California as for ROI for business ?

    Your comments will be much appreciated

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  3. Mitch Alsup

    Mitch Alsup F1 Veteran

    Nov 4, 2003
    5Mm (3K miles) or yearly, 10 litres premium synthetic [5 or 10]W-40
    Metric people should learn to use Mega metres instead of thousand Kilometres.
    My F355 has 66K miles (100Mm) on the clutch--clutches wear based on the amount of power transmitted when the clutch is ni the friction zone.
    I go 7.

    GOODYES Karting

    Oct 7, 2017
    Barcelona, Spain (España)
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    thanks, buff every 5.000 Km is too small, I mean, with my normal car every 15.000 km , and other cars until 25.000 Km I meant for basic oil change.
    Did you meant 3K miles as for put oil by yourself or every 3K miles to give to a Ferrari dealer to change oil ? does it cost about 1 thousand €/$ for dealer as for oil change ?

    Thank so much, really want to have it soon, close to my taxi and my Harley in the parking

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