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My new McLaren 675LT

Discussion in '' started by F40-R, Apr 1, 2016.

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    They will raise it because P14 isn't going to be a replacement for the 650S per se. In some sense, there will be no direct replacement for the 650S and the 570S will fill in part of that gap.

    Right now 12C/650S are 488/Huracan cars, and McLaren has no Aventador/F12. In reality though, the new 570S is probably not that much slower in the real world than the 488/Huracan/12C/650S, so P14 will move up to become the Aventador/F12 car.

    There is a runway video of the 570S doing 0-300 kph with a 458 without using launch control and it is a very, very quick car. Leaves the 458 way behind. Probably around 26s. Slower than some of those cars on the track due to skinnier and less aggressive tires, but in real world usage, probably very close.

    570S/488/Huracan/R8/911 Turbo ($200-250K)
    P14/Aventador Replacement/F12 Replacement ($400K)
    P1/918/LF ($1m+)
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    IMO you are right noone1.
    A few weeks ago, during my 650S order process, I discussed also the P14 alternative with my McLaren dealer. He told me that the P14 will be possitioned one level higher than the 650S, with more than 700hp, eventually with a new engine incl electro boost and a price level as described by you. Very interesting McLarens strategy, in this niche with such a technical specification I see no real competitor for the P14.
  4. F40-R

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    Jun 22, 2014

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