Mystery 512 tr Rotor

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by EZORED, Jun 17, 2020.


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    I need to replace the front rotors on my 92 512tr. I pulled the front tire to get a measurement on the disc and discovered a 2 piece rotor. I dont think this is stock. Does anyone have a clue what this is? Diameter is approx. 13 inch. Thanks Dennis

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    Those appear to me to be older Turismo style rotors from Brembo. Clips look different but I bet there is a catalog listing for the replacement rings. Replace the bolts when you change the rings, it is just safer and they have a very low amount of torque. Hope that helps.

    Scroll down to see the Turismo line. You may be able to order replacements based on car but likely are just sized (you'd take off and measure everything ordering that way). There's probably a part number on the outer ring too.


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