NASA/JPL Mars rover 'Spirit"

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    Even OUT OF THIS WORLD Ferrari is the benchmark

    From :
    Kicking the Tires on Mars LA TIMES> By Dan Neil Times Staff Writer
    "There is a saying in robotics: You shouldn't anthropomorphize robots. They don't like it.
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    Even so, it's hard not to think of the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit as a kind of gawky, geeky geologist moving in halting steps as it fitfully cogitates its path to the next interesting rock. All it needs is a pith helmet.

    From my perspective as The Times' auto reviewer, I can tell you there is nothing human at all about Spirit.

    It's a car.

    Like any car, it has wheels. Yes, there are six of them, but a Ford "dualie" pickup has that many too. It's underpowered (about 0.06 horsepower), but so are many vehicles from India.

    With a top speed of about 0.1 mph, the brains of an obsolete desktop computer and the power of two light bulbs, the rover is not what you would call a space Ferrari. "

    But IMHO its just as cool.
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    Not sure it is the current mission, but one of the recent NASA missions to Mars actually did carry a small container with Ferrari Corso Rossa paint in it. As a symbolic act to go to the red planet.

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