Nearly 50 years of golf in one truck bed

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    Two years ago in late January I had to quit playing golf. A ligament injury caused my wrist geometry to alter and develop arthritis. The end result would be a SLAC wrist with fragmentation and collapse of the bones. It was so bad that I needed to wear a brace just to use my computer mouse. I sleep with a brace on my wrist. First surgical option would be to shave the spurs and cut the nerves and if that didn’t work then fusion +/- bone replacement. Since golf is repetitive trauma I quit cold turkey. I haven’t watched a tournament listened to the radio and removed all my golf books and videos from my house. All that crap was in storage for 2 years til I had my buddy pick it all up and get rid of it. I had 20 sets of clubs going all the way back to my HS days in the 70s, bags of woods, dozens of shafts, bags of wedges (had a wedge fetish).....some of which I forgot I had.......

    Shame of it as I was never better, never had better equipment and know “the secret......” oh well ”c’est la vie....”

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    Hope this did not permanently affect your other slicing skills.

    Though I started with a $2 set of Hickories, I haven't golfed since day before first date with my Bride 20+ years ago. That doesn't mean I haven't got clubs set aside for retirement. ;)

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    Sorry to hear about the injury. Looks like it will save you a bunch of $ ;)

    There are a couple of guys at my CC that carry around that much equipment so they can change out stuff after a bad round or a few shanks
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    Just last week I made a dump run to toss a couple sets of clubs that have been in the basement for years. Dragged them along over 3-4 moves. Think they were my grand dads so probably 50+ years old. Aluminum shafts so tossed them in the metal recycling pile. Tossed an old set my wife had too. I’ve been on a kick cleaning out stuff (junk!).
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