Need a good independent shop recommendation in Utah

Discussion in 'Service' started by Eddie v, May 9, 2020.

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    Mar 18, 2020
    Wondering if anyone has a shop they’d recommend in the Salt Lake City area. Specifically, I have an F430 that needs a clutch replaced and an F355 that’s going to need a major in the next year or 2. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Makes and Models (in the old SLC Ferrari dealer's building) works on Ferraris, although I think they do more Porsche and Lamborghini. They have a service computer for Lamborghini; not sure about Ferrari. They've done things like exhaust installs in Ferraris but I don't know about more extensive work; you could inquire, asking to meet the actual technician, not just the salesman.

    Air Power Racing is at the racetrack in Tooele. They are a good independent for Porsche and they've worked on my 993. But I saw a 355 there once. A guy had asked them to do a major on it. I asked if they had any trouble with it and they said no, it wasn't bad at all and worked out fine. They are conscientious, but not much Ferrari experience...

    If it was my F430 clutch I'd want someone with experience, and that may mean the dealer, or taking the car out of state.

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