Need a small favor from a C8 owner

Discussion in 'American Muscle' started by lmpdesigner, Mar 13, 2021.

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    To any C8 owner out there: I need a small favor.

    What I need are some pictures of the underside (trunk side) of he engine cover/rear deck area. Specifically the area to the rear of the glass itself. Nothing special-just some good photos showing what that inner surface looks like. You can post them here or send them to me via a "conversation".

    i am looking at doing a rear wing for the car and mounting it on the rear deck as the space on the rear fascia, to the rear of the engine cover (where current C8 "Spoiler" is located) is very limited to accept wing mounts and the structure on the C8 in this area is really not designed to handle large aero loads. There is no underlying structure in that area.

    I would be looking at making a carbon fiber panel/hat section/structure that would bond to the inside of the deck lid. The CAD I have of this area makes it look possible but I need to see what, if any carpet/trim is in this area, etc.

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    Both the low wing and the high wing(with less drag) make 400lbs of down force. How are you planning to balance the front end?

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