Need info on 1994 MB S600

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by kdross, Mar 11, 2004.

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    Feb 10, 2002
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    A friend wants to buy a 1994 S600 Coupe. The car has 75K miles and an asking price of $33K. What should he look for as to problem areas with this car, and is it a car worth owning. The dealer told him to expect repairs bills of $5K-$8K per year.

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  3. Kds

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    These early V-12 engines have a reputation as oil leakers. $$$ They are however, very durable oil leakers I might add........

    Also the rear suspension can fail (the ADS system) and you'll incur $3-4000 there as well if that happens.

    Door closers fail.....$1500.

    Instrument cluster failures are common on cars with analog odometers as opposed to digital ones. If it has the digital one it has been updated already. $$$

    Transmission valve bodies failed and the replacement tranny is about $5000.

    Front control arms "thunk" at low speed and/or the car's steering wheel will vibrate at 60-70 mph. $$$

    Due to the weight they eat tires and brakes every 20K miles. $$$

    They are spectacular cars if you get one that's warrantied and sorted out though.

    I'd love a 1999 S600 sedan....or a coupe.....that was the last year of that style. $33K seems pricey considering S500's are mid 20' last HAS to be in black or silver. Don't even consider another color unless it is really cheap.

    Tell him to buy the newest one he can afford....and to get a post 1995 model so that it has the facelifted exterior and interior updates.
  4. rcallahan

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    Bob Callahan
    I used to have a '93 600. A great car, fast and reliable. I think the dealer is way off for annual repairs. I did have to replace the trans at 95,000 miles for $3,000 at the dealer. Other than that, just usual mx.


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