Need RED Ferrari's at Concorso Italiano

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by RRRREDRVR, Jul 29, 2004.


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    Jul 28, 2004
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    Anyone coming to Concorso Italiano with a RED Ferrari, and you want to be part of a Special Display, let them know when you drive onto the field. We're planning a special arrangement of cars to spell out the FERRARI logo (long F). It takes 54 cars, and we want all of them to be RED. If you want to be part of this historic display, just tell them you want to be part of the WORD FERRARI DISPLAY. If you tell the volunteers directing traffic onto the field, they'll send you to where we're laying this out, as we'll be in radio contact with them. There will be an areial photo, and with the slight fairway incline at this location, you may even be able to read it from the field. It will be part of the Ferrari display area, so you won't be far removed from your other Ferrari friends. Celebrate 50 years of Ferrari with YOUR CAR in the photo! MUST BE RED...however. See you at Black Horse!
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