Need to know where the BEST pizza is in Chicago

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    I'll be in downtown Chicago early evening on 7/11. 'The boss' wants to eat the Best of the Best Chicago Style Pizza, so I am looking for suggestions on where to go and why ('Why' meaning: Oldest stablished restaurant, best rated chef, etc., etc). Another restaurant we are looking at is the Chicago Chop House. Any comments? We are on a bit of a budget, but want to eat well. I'm all for non-touristy restaurants where the locals hang.

    Also, I'll be flying in and out of the ghetto (Midway). If I am correct, downtown Chicago is about 15-20 inutes to Midway. We may return our rental car Sunday night for our stay in downtown (Spending Fri & Sat night in Madison).

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. rjkennedy

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    Pizzeria Uno or Due. End of story. Ike Sewell started, now a chain. Keep in mind the "chain" pizzas have absolutely nothing in common with these originals, except the name. Met Ike Sewell with my parents when I was a kid (mid 1970's). Think he even played football for U. of Texas. Anyway, a lot of history there. Other deep dish options would be Lou Malnottis or Gino's East, but Uno's or Due's first choice. Regarding steaks, Chop House is good. I actually like Gibsons. Gene and Georgettis (?sp) is also very good. Hope this helps.
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    Mike Sufka
    Also try Chicago Pizzeria and Overgrinder (I hope that's the right name, its been several years). It is located in the building where the St. Valentines Day massacre occured (Capone era).

    Two thumbs up on Gibsons & Gene and Georgettis.


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