New 488 GTB with the check engine light on.

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Jonathan488, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Jonathan488

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    Oct 17, 2017
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    Jonathan Brownfield
    Hello! This is my first thread. A friend recommended me to this site.

    My Father took delivery of a Ferrari 488 GTB on Tuesday of last week. When we started it up last weekend, we were surprised to see that the check engine light was on because it is a brand new car. We immediately called the salesman. He said that there is nothing to worry about, and that when you leave a 488 sit for a couple days without being connected to a battery tender that the check engine light goes on and stays on until the battery fully recharges. It seems really odd that battery would loose that much power in only a couple days, but ok... It is great excuse to drive the car for a few hours. Unfortunately the check engine light was still on after the drive.

    Is this a typical Ferrari experience? Or should we be worried and insist on taking the car back to the dealer.

    Thanks for you help!
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  3. greyboxer

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    Dec 8, 2004
    South East
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    It is possible your car was not fully charged on collection and then you used a load of battery playing with settings and learning controls

    Fast forward a few days and the battery could be soft - many threads evidencing this possibility as a cause of your CEL in the 488 & California (car) sections

    It may not have cleared because the low battery triggered something else so especially as it is only a few days old have it checked out
  4. Motob

    Motob Formula 3
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    Nov 11, 2003
    Berkeley, CA
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    Brian Brown
    You need to take it back to the dealership and have them diagnose why the light came on. Unless the battery was already very low on charge, It should be able to sit for much longer that a couple of days before a fault is stored due to low battery voltage. The dealership will know if that is the cause of the light coming on when they download the fault memory.
    Salesmen typically know very little about the actual functioning of the car. You need to contact the service department.
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  5. antigravityresearch

    Oct 28, 2010
    I agree with Motob; if the CEL is on, take it back to the dealer. If you just took delivery of the car, tell them that and they should see you right away.
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  6. Ingenere

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    Dec 11, 2001
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    Bring it to the dealer. You can also attempt to read it with an OBD2 code reader.
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  8. johnk...

    johnk... F1 Veteran

    Jun 11, 2004
    Talk to the service department, not the salesman.
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  9. vincep99

    vincep99 Formula 3
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    Jun 8, 2009
    Absolutely go the the dealer; also a good opportunity to meet and bond with the service department.
    But I would in parallel buy an OBDII reader; they are cheap and you can learn a lot. And it seems all Italian breeds kick these codes (my 458 does, so did the 360, so does the new Alfa)
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  10. cls

    cls Formula 3

    Jun 12, 2007
    Los Angeles/Montreal
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    Get one of the little bluetooth ones and you can watch all kinds of cool stuff on your phone.
  11. tbakowsky

    tbakowsky F1 World Champ
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    Sep 18, 2002
    The Cold North
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    Just take it back and have it fixed. Warranty is a wonderful thing..
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  13. hessank

    hessank Formula 3
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    Aug 8, 2005
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    My driving buddy has a 488 also and he drives it only on the weekend if its not going to rain. I just spoke with him and he has never connected it to a charger in between
    In 6 months of ownership he's also never seen a check engine light.
    As mentioned above, that salesman only knows how to sell a pretty car. Take it in

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