New book 'Maurice Louche - Le Tour de France Automobile '

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    Hello from Germany,

    I just found out the exciting news, that there's a new edition of the highly sought after book ' Le Tour de France Automobile 1899 - 1986 ' from french author Maurice Louche.
    The first edition from 1989 was ultra rare and sometimes reached crazy prizes.
    When I found one several years ago for a reasonable price I was absolutely happy.
    Thought about selling it now, because now there's a 'nouvelle èdition', but just read, that only 22 of the 1022 photographs are repetitions. So I will keep both.
    The first edition was exclusively in french language, the new also, but contains a 130 page english translation booklet.
    I will report about the book after I have received it.
    Here's a photo of the 1989 edition.

    Best Regards

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