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Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by IloveGT, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. IloveGT

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    Oct 17, 2015
    I just finished watching the Hobb and Shaw and since I could not stop thinking about how good the 720s looked in the movie. Even though I have test driven it long time ago, I never thought it looked this good to me until I saw the movie. In terms of the design language, I just realized how much of a jump 720s was from the rest of McL previous generations of cars. Much like how 458 to 430.

    In your opinion, when do you think Ferrari will release a mid engine car that will be very different from the current 458/488/F8 contour and the similar design language? (excluding the LaF and its variants)

    I am not talking about the engine or performance. I am talking strictly the design language. What is the most recent word on the street?
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    Randall J Slovis
    So funny you posted this. I had been thinking about trying to post a thread asking about people's opinions about the current Ferrari design language vs the future.
    Let me be clear, I am not saying anything about liking or disliking the styling in my remarks.
    My concern, as I interpret your post, is that the basic 488 into F8 and now really into SF90 design cues will be around what might be considered a long time in car world. Yes, the 911 has done it, but probably the only car that has done it successfully. (Although, 911 sales are dwarfed by Macan sales. Plus, early reports are that Taycan deposits rival 911 production.)
    I have no answer to your time line question.
    My fear however is that due to "budgetary restraints": read maximizing profits for Wall St. - is that design changes will be slow and more decontenting of the standard interior trim will be the norm.
  3. AlfistaPortoghese

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    While I think that the 488’s design is a refresh, an update of the 458 platform, I feel the recently launched F8 has little to do with both of them design-wise, so to an extent I consider it already a different and new design.

    I think at the very latest, a completely new Ferrari design philosophy will appear with the launch of the (infamous) SUV.

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  4. Melvok

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    So Nuno, that could be in September at Universo ?
  5. IloveGT

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    Oct 17, 2015
    Can't wait as well for the FUV or SUV.

    I think actually even pinnifarina is also very much attached the the 458 contour. Look at the battista lines.

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  6. Solid State

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    Ndugu Umbo
    FIFY. :)

    Staff changes at Ferrari necessary to create a new design language IMO.
  7. Lukeylikey

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    If you are talking basic proportions, are we really expecting that those change? If we are talking design language, I think it is clear to see that the SF90, as an example, is quite different to the 458/488/F8. Front and rear I’ll ignore because those are always different - even a facelift achieves that (the face and rear of the 458, 488 and F8 all look quite different). The real test is the side view IMO. Here the SF90’s top line is very much flatter than the 458 line (see very bad illustrations below). This reminds me of the Ford GT more than the 458 line. The waist slopes in the opposite direction, the B pillar slopes in the opposite direction, there is greater scalloping on the leading edge of the doors and the sill treatment is different. The only part that feels familiar is the top of the door leading into the front wing - this area is very familiar from the older cars. I’m not sure what people think they want by saying “new design language” given that any new mid-engined Ferrari should look like its part of the Ferrari family and the basic proportions for a mid-engined V8 car are already set? The SF90 is wider and lower and much more squat than the 488/F8. It is different while still keeping the basic mid engine layout proportions and still looking like a Ferrari.

    Imagine if the 720 was not a McLaren design but a Ferrari one. That would be an epic fail because it would look nothing like a product of the Ferrari family. Or perhaps the Valhalla? Nope. Not a Ferrari at all. So would someone mind defining what would constitute a legitimate “new design direction” if what they have recently produced doesn’t meet that criteria given the requirements listed above? Warning; it’s not very easy to do and has been tried on fchat before with rather frightening results.

    I’m not talking about whether you like the SF90 or not - that’s a different question. Simply about the request for a new design direction.
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    Spoken like a designer. ;)
  9. maichris

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    I fully agree with the thread opener. I’m very disappointed about the last years Ferraris design direction. While 360, 430 and maybe 458 was a evolution one by one the current path looks to techno, asia, futuristic. Even a F12, tail end is so iconic and superb btw. - Front end could be a a boring vette. Anyway, I know this is always an individual and emotional discussion. But I really think MCL and Lambo found their pockets while Ferrari is shifting sideways in post Pininfarina days...

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