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Discussion in '360/430' started by lrattner, Aug 20, 2005.

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    I went over to visit a new (opened April 1,2005) exotic car dealer in Pompano Fl. The display of everything and almost anything you could want is layed out in one of the most tasteful showrooms I have ever been in. 40,000 sq ft facility that had on hand CGT,SLR, 430spider, 430 coupe, atleast 5 different color Gallardos, atleast 4-5 Murcs, barchetta,rolls, barchetta, and on and on.
    I would advise anyone eho is down in the are to drop in. It's located between Champion Porsche and Auothaus of Copans road.
    seems they have their own service facility for ferrari and lambo. They said they will flat bed local cars to the facility for service and then delivery them back. Nice amenity.

    BTw- The want $279,500 for the 430 coupe (300miles) and they sold the spider for $345,000. Both cars where fully loaded red/tan,shields,daytonas,red calipers,etc.

    BTW- I have no association with this place...just passing it on.
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