New Ferrari and Maserati Dealership In Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by 360CS, May 1, 2004.

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    I returned from a short trip in L.Vegas a month or so ago, while there I was told that at the Ground level of the New Wynn Hotel ( sorry carnt remember the name far end of the Strip) they proposed a New Ferrari Dealership anyone have any News on this opening etc ???

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    The scuttlebutt circulating round this rumor seems to be that the dealership will be some sort of joint venture between Steve Wynn (casino owner) and Roger Penske's UAG. Apparently the new casino in the hotel will be Ferrari themed and the dealership will be situated in the casino.

    Interesting idea, but the Ferrari dealer community is not happy. They point out that the likelihood of the new dealership making sales to Las Vegas residents is slim and that any sales to outsiders will, by definition, infringe on another dealer's territory. They point out that Ferrari already imposes restrictions on dealers selling outside their defined areas and this new dealership will de facto be exempt from this requirement.

    Maybe Wynn won't be a s heavy handed as the rest of the dealer community and a trip to Las Vegas may be in order. (just remember that in this case "what happens in Vegas shouldn't stay in Vegas!")
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