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Discussion in '308/328' started by AZDoug, Jan 8, 2010.

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    I have the door panels on, seat covers will be here next week from GAHH, and I will have them on a few days after that. I will post pics. I went with a silver gray leather and silver gray carpet (matches factory cut pile appearance), which will go well with my current Graphite/Grigio Metallic paint,and it will also work if I change the car color to a dark red next year

    Cost break down:

    New seat covers, seat backs and door panel skins from GAHH: ~$2650

    New carpet (not from GAHH): $120 for material.

    Trimmers labor:

    Install door panel skins and welt and window scrub and recover arm rests with new vinyl: $150

    Install seat covers and head rests and R&R seats and refoam as needed: $280-$420, depending on foam requirements .

    Make new carpet pieces and trim carpet edges as per factory and install in car: est $300

    Total: $3500

    Existing dash pad is fine/looks new,as is stuff around rear window area.

    A new interior doesn't have to cost $7K

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  3. Brian Elliston

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    Brian Elliston
    Pics Please!!! and Congrats!
  4. AZDoug

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    Jun 17, 2009
    Along the Verde , AZ
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  5. CliffBeer

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    Doug, what are you talking about? A new interior has to cost at least $10,000 and include new gold plated snaps with little horsey logos.....

    ps. looks great!

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