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Discussion in 'Arizona & New Mexico' started by patvulky, Sep 2, 2018.

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    Nov 4, 2015
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    ryan lubert
    hello, im pretty new to the forum as an active user. i want to make some contacts in new mexico who service and drive their ferrari in albuquerque and santa fe if possible. i have a 355 and have used aaron bedford in the past. im curious about carobu as they are local as well. i have seen tazandjan as a very active member but it would be great to kick around advice with others . feel free to pm me as well but im so new i don't know if that is unlocked for me yet. thanks in advance
  2. Bryanp

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    FCA has a New Mexico chapter, and it is fairly active; that is your best bet for the info you seek.
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  3. LAracer

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    Carobu is great. They did the major on my 355. Recommended.
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    Greetings, I may be bringing a 400i to the Santa Fe area in the near future. Does anybody know if Carobu is still in business? Also, for some reason Executive Automotive in Santa Fe rings a bell but I don't know why. Has anyone had experience with them?

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