New Ontario rules for Jan 1st, 2019

Discussion in 'Canada' started by MS250, Dec 30, 2018.

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  2. Mimmo Blue

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    It seems like every other day an incident happens in Ontario where a driver is in an accident while driving under suspension. There should be tougher penalties for those caught doing so including house arrest as a start if they prove they can not be trusted to honour the driving suspension.
  3. Nuvolari

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    Rob C.
    Fantastic news and I hope a whole slew of idiots are bankrupted from the fines. There is zero excuse for texting and driving and it is incredibly dangerous. My only hope is that the police use proper discretion in determining what is considered legitimately 'distracted' behavior in determining a citation as the law as it is written gives a huge amount of latitude for interpretation.
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  4. AceMaster

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    Preach brah !
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  5. bernardo66

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    I tried texting once, while I was a passenger. Couldn't do it.
  6. moysiuan

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    The problem with this is most luxury and even mainstream cars have touch screens that are incredibly distracting, to change a radio station or heater control, let alone working the nav system. The cell phone distraction, if used for nav, would probably be equal or less disruptive to the driver. So while its fine to challenge distracted driving from cell phones, the modern control systems are so ridiculous that I suspect the actual impact on safer driving will be trivial. "Hey officer, I wasn't texting, I was adjusting my seat heater, radio station and stereo equalizer when I crashed into the side of the building, all while smoking weed, so I am good to go?"

  7. Andrew D.

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    Andrew D.
    Never for drinking and driving,but the new rules require a supreme court challenge. Tested 2 hours after you get home-what nonsense. Tested when taking empties back to the beer store-also nonsense.
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    Outsider looking in............. but your rights as Ontarians keep dwindling.
    Guilty until proven innocent.

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