New Startac III MS900, anyone miss the old one?

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by Wade, Dec 12, 2007.

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    Earlier this year Motorola introduced their Startac III MS900 for the Korean market. Smart phones and PDAs aside, I'm not a big fan of the feature-rich cell phones that are available today so I'd be really interested in another Startac. I don't need cartoonish animations, built-in cameras (a no-go for DOD jobsites), $2.99 ring tones, etc., just a phone thank you. But I have to admit that I've gotten used to the display on the outside which this phone doesn't have.

    If it were available I'd buy it today, especially the 10th Anniversary Edition. Anyone else?
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  3. TexasF355F1

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    I never owned an original, but a few of my friends and family had them and hands down one of the best phones ever made. IMO.

    If it was as good as the original it would be awesome.
  4. Tyler

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    Yeah, I'd buy one. LOVED the old ones! Agree, don't need all the "features" found on modern phones. I've got a BB 8800 now that I like OK, but yes, I'd jump on it if they had a new Startac stateside.

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